Archiving & Document Storage

With office space at a premium, what is the true cost of storing and managing your archives on site?

Is managing your records generating income? or is it wasting valuable time and resource?

Which team member is burdened with the maintenance and responsibility of your company archives?

What happens if this employee leaves your organisation? Will valuable information and knowledge be lost?

How do you guarantee that your records are secure, your information remains commercially confidential and that your company is adhering to GDPR and Data Protection Law?

Are you operating within the Law and destroying records within an appropriate time frame and manner?

One quick call to Enviromail and we will resolve all your archive issues within 24 hours. 

We offer low cost archive and document storage services to include:

  • Initial box supply and expert storage management advice.
  • Secure Collection and Delivery Service.
  • Cataloguing and reporting.
  • Search and retrieval service.
  • Same day delivery / collection option.
  • Automatic destruction date notification.
  • Secure shredding of unwanted files onsite.

Secure and Quality driven

  • All Enviromail staff members are CRB checked
  • All Enviromail vehicles are tracked GPS real time
  • Our archive storage facility is within a private and secure locked compound.
  • Our site is safeguarded, secure and our operation is monitored by 24hr CCTV
  • Our site is installed with an extensive fire alarm and smoke detection system
  • Fully Insured
  • Enviromail is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and is Fully Compliant with GDPR & Data Protection Law.
  • Enviromail can destroy your files securely onsite and Issue you with an official Waste Transfer Note and Certificate of Destruction, which is a legal requirement.
  • Enviromail has achieved and is Certified to the IS014001 standard and Guarantees that once your files have been processed they will  be 100% recycled.
envirohub training
envirohub training

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