Training & Real Work Experience

The Enviro-Hub is a centre of excellence for training, recycling and employability. We deliver accredited courses and offer real work experience placements within our onsite recycling centre.

Our projects are designed to improve your employment prospects and we work with local employers and selected community partners to ensure you get the right support to move into work.

Volunteering at the Enviro-hub will enable you to prove your strengths to future employers and improve your employability. 

Most employers are looking for people who are reliable, punctual, hardworking, honest and competent. If you can prove you have the foundations of being a good employee, then you are more likely to secure employment.

There are many reasons why people are unemployed and everyone’s situation is unique. Often people want to work, but face barriers which prevent them finding employment.

For many people it is lack of confidence and self-belief. Starting at new place can be daunting and it is natural to feel anxious.


Our customers often say

   Will I fit in and be part of the team?

I don’t know if can do the job?

I am unsure what my skills are?

 How will it lead to employment?

What if I fail?

I feel anxious I am not sure I can face it?

The team at Enviromail understand. We come from and support people from all walks of life. We have faced barriers to employment and can help you overcome yours. 

We do not discriminate and support people with a complex needs, a range of experience, abilities and health conditions. We are positive and understand issues surrounding,  mental health, depression and anxiety.  We are disability confident leaders.  

At the Enviro-hub, it’s not about what you can’t do … it’s about promoting what you can do!

1 in 3 people that commit to our projects have signed off and moved into work or formal training.
100% report enjoying work experience

“Its is all about motivation, confidence, breaking down barriers and learning new skills. When people believe they can’t, we show them they can… If you believe, they believe and anything is possible.“

Simon Bowes-Daniels
Recycling Tutor

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envirohub training

If you would like to volunteer and become part of the team call the Enviro-hub today on 01482 718718 or